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Now Online a 3 part course for Reboot Your Base Chakra

classes will be held on line in private Facebook Group

Next class starting March 1 2022

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see sample Chakradance here


Beginners should start with Meditation 101, and then move to additional practices.

Introduction Class


taxes included via e transfer

Best Package Offer

60 min session

Enjoy the movements to


We  offer in home classes.

Have a intro class with friends in the privacy of your home. 3 people min.

in Ottawa. 

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Chakradance classes allow us to heal inward. We are a modality to release unwanted hurt energy within ourselves.  We let go of premeditated thoughts of how we should be.  We open with a meditation, then explore our  chakras through free movement and closed eyes allowing us to feel  music that resonates  with guided visualizations, then we extend the experience with  mandala art and a closing meditation.

Best for General Upkeep

Anyone from the age of 16 to 100 can experience chakradance

No need for experience or expectations

our chakra energies are feelings that we may have hidden inside that begin to gently unfold and release creating balance.

60 to 90 mins per class


Start your base/root chakra dance at home with your free gift. including 1 grounding meditation and 1 mother earth dance with e book

Reboot Your Base Chakra, can you imagine what your life would be like if you had more energy? If you could get out of your

head and be more fully present in each moment?

request your free gift to engage in beginner chakra, learning mandala art and visual guided meditation 


1980 Ogilvie Rd

Ottawa, ON

K1J 9L3

Best for Busy Homes

DEMO CLASS 30 mins

dance the 7 chakras

 releasing everyday life,dance into our inner imaginative world.  here  our deep inner healing is activated.

Information handout to continue working with chakra through affirmations,

energy exercises etc.

Create a mandala to reflect on today's experience

Coming in summer 2022

 9 week Chakradance

"Heal you Life"

online private Facebook class

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