Chakra in Motion

Meditation and finger Labyrinths

These are different labyrinths that you use your finger to "walk"(trace path ) as you meditate. Each path leads to the sacred center for personal insight and on return it brings understanding into your experience. 

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Stand relaxed with your feet firmly on the ground. Soften your breath and imagine a white light washing all over you like a waterfall. Visualize the light dissolving all unwanted energies. Imagine this light moving through every part of your physical body, and your entire energy body. 

Continue to visualize the light pouring over you until you feel completely cleansed. 

You may intuitively feel like changing the color of the light on different days or at different times.

 Trust whatever feels right for you.

A great time to do this exercise is when you are in the shower where you can use running water as part of your visualization. 

This can then become your

daily ‘cleansing ritual’


Nov 12 2020

                 ROOT/BASE CHAKRA

Muladhara       Colour Red

Element: Earth       Bija: Lam

If you have a deficient root chakra, you will be more prone to issues such as anxiety, suspicion, and withdrawing.

If you have an excessive root chakra you will be prone to hoarding, workaholism, greed, and anger.

Meditation, dancing and affirmations are ways we work to clear, clean and balance our chakras (our energy centres) 

Affirmations that can be repeated daily to help balance your root charka.

I am grounded

I am centered

I am safe and secure

I am strong.

When we need to balance, we meditate on these issues to help release the unwanted negative energy and bring in the good clean energy.

Ckakra in Motion 

November 12 2020

Our Chakras are many. With Chakra in Motion we work with the 7 main chakra within our core body. We heal our body,mind and spirit through meditation,affirmation,dance,and mandala work.