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Sacral Chakra Svadhisthana – Dancing our Sensuality

Try not to keep feelings bottled up; find safe ways to express and release your emotions.

So it is time now to surrender to the natural flow leading you into the watery world of your sacral chakra. place your awareness in your lower belly, visualize a vibrant orange flow of energy. The energy of the sacral chakra is connected to our emotions and sexuality, the dance unfolds by imagining water washing through our bodies as we let go to spontaneous

movement. Symbolically water connects us to our unconscious realms, in this safe, sacred space we explore the realms of shadow with soft, gentle movements that are

nurturing, healing and life expanding. By dancing movements of the hips, lower belly and pelvis, the sacral energy, just like water, finds its own level. When the natural state of a healthy, open sacral chakra is blocked, we can become numb to our emotional fluidity; often

our physical body contracts. Allowing repressed emotions such as sadness, shame, or fear to move through our bodies . As we become more attuned to inner feelings,

passion, desire and pleasure can become a part of everyday life, integrated in a natural balance. when there is excessive energy stored in the sacral chakra we will have a greater potential to experience extreme moodiness and over-sensitivity to others. This can manifest in states of crisis, an excessive sex drive, or a craving for constant excitement and stimulation.

We begin the process of releasing any excessive energy held in this chakra. The dance itself will guide the dancer to his or her own healing waters. If there is too much caged energy the dance of the sacral chakra can release it to move in its natural course to health. An inner calm often surfaces, and emotions are experienced in a more balanced way. chakra in motion

Learn to Heal

Each of the 7 chakras governs the health of specific body parts and organs and each

influences a different aspect of our lives (instincts, sexuality, intuition etc.). Together,

they encompass the whole of human experience. When we explore our chakras

 we explore every facet of our being. This is very confronting.

We all get stuck in patterns/routines and can begin to operate

predominantly through 2or 3 chakras. Over time, this throws our systems/lives/relationships out of

balance. By bringing energy/light into each of our chakras  we can

slowly become more balanced, more whole, and able to live our lives more consciously.

by Chakradance*


 Intention is very important in energy healing, and in life. Everything we do starts with the vibrational energy of intention.

The intention that we set is the vibrational state that we are operating from

how we will behave, how our lives will be, and even how we will feel. It becomes who we are and how others perceive us.

When you set an intention you are acknowledging the flow from that intention, through you and into the world. You acknowledge that you are setting your energy to a state where your thoughts, words and actions will now begin to shift and follow through to the fulfillment of that intention, even if you don’t know how that will happen.

By setting the intention, we set the course for our energy to begin to shift in the ways it needs to for the intention to come to be, to the extent that we are ready and open to it. This brings change to our minds, hearts and lives. It changes our energy.

Consciously setting an intention is different. It is a way of accepting responsibility for your life and for the power you have over it. If you set intentions for something to come to you or for a change to happen in your life, but you are unwilling to do or change anything in yourself or your life to allow that to happen, then you are blocking the intentions you set.

The only one in charge of your energy and your life is you. By being open to allowing change and to taking action to bring your intentions into being, you take full responsibility and control of your life.

Be open to the path that may arise for you when you set an intention and be prepared to walk it. Pay attention to the signs, even if they are unexpected. Listen to the energy within your own body and heart. Take the steps and opportunities that your mind opens to. Most of all, allow your heart and mind to open. That’s what setting an intention is all about—changing the energy of your heart and mind. by Angie Webster

Meditation and finger Labyrinths

These are different labyrinths that you use your finger to "walk"(trace path ) as you meditate. Each path leads to the sacred center for personal insight and on return it brings understanding into your experience. 

click here to print your PDF copy


Stand relaxed with your feet firmly on the ground. Soften your breath and imagine a white light washing all over you like a waterfall. Visualize the light dissolving all unwanted energies. Imagine this light moving through every part of your physical body, and your entire energy body. 

Continue to visualize the light pouring over you until you feel completely cleansed. 

You may intuitively feel like changing the color of the light on different days or at different times.

 Trust whatever feels right for you.

A great time to do this exercise is when you are in the shower where you can use running water as part of your visualization. 

This can then become your

daily ‘cleansing ritual’


                 ROOT/BASE CHAKRA

Muladhara       Colour Red

Element: Earth       Bija: Lam

If you have a deficient root chakra, you will be more prone to issues such as anxiety, suspicion, and withdrawing.

If you have an excessive root chakra you will be prone to hoarding, workaholism, greed, and anger.

Meditation, dancing and affirmations are ways we work to clear, clean and balance our chakras (our energy centres) 

Affirmations that can be repeated daily to help balance your root charka.

I am grounded

I am centered

I am safe and secure

I am strong.

When we need to balance, we meditate on these issues to help release the unwanted negative energy and bring in the good clean energy.

Ckakra in Motion 

Our Chakras are many. With Chakra in Motion we work with the 7 main chakra within our core body. We heal our body,mind and spirit through meditation,affirmation,dance,and mandala work.